Quick update! Luna is Nationally certified now!

Luna and I passed our National Search Dog Alliance certification back on April 2, 2016! We're excited to add that to our credentials. Thanks to Vigo County Search and Rescue »

Long over due...

K9 to 5 has been silent for quite some time, but that doesn't mean we've gone away, we've just been busy! It's time to put some words down though and »

Luna's journey as a shy dog - socializing and building confidence

When Luna and I began our SAR training she was a very shy dog. There are 2 distinct reasons that come to mind why she was so shy. Her natural »

H2O4K9 - Convenient Water Bottle for Your Furry Friend

Ahhhhh, crisp refreshing water, exactly what your pooch wants on a long walk or while working to stay healthy and happy. I wanted to make a short post sharing my »

Family Training - The Family That Trains Together....

Don't take the title literally! I'm not actually training my family (although they are still trying to train me). The team had training Sunday evening to escape the hottest part »

Stubborn Dog

Grrr!!! My dog used to listen to me. Every time. At some point I've messed up though and I've been trying to figure out what I did. I think it's »

Throwback Thursday

Luna and Charlie still sleep together (in a bigger kennel now). »