About Me

Hi, I don't know you and you don't know me... but let me begin by baring my soul to the internet. OK, OK I don't know you that well yet but maybe this will get things started!

Luna drinking

I guess the best way for me to even begin explaining is to start with the people around me that I care about most and that shape who I am and who I will be...


Laura Ward - my wife, best friend, and co-conspirator. Laura and I met in high school, fell in love, had a kid, got married, finished school, got jobs and grew up and old together. We've been through thick and thin and we make each other laugh and smile.


Laura, I mean Dr. Ward, is a dentist. She hates it when I call her Dr. Ward, but that's just because she is modest and awesome. We're working together to start a dental practice.

Laura is a crafty person - her abilities range from building furniture, scrapbooking, knitting, crochet, quilting, artwork, kid school projects... compared to my struggle to draw stick figures.


After meeting Laura and at age 19 I welcomed Anna Ward into the world! Anna is my 13 year old daughter and my Search and Rescue best friend. She is just starting training her dog Charlie to do Human Remains Detection!! (Can you tell I'm proud?) You will be hearing a lot more about her and even from her. She's my coach, conscience and she just basically rocks!


Gabe Ward - my super awesome 8 year old son. This guy is a flipping genius and says the most awesomely funny things. Can't wait to post his quotes! He's the deep thinker of the family and is a very good problem solver. Gabe is also a fan of books, pokemon, and video games


Jack Ward - 5 months old and the newest addition! Jack can't hide in the woods yet, but once he gets older we'll get him out playing with the dogs! For now Jack likes milk, having his belly tickled, and grabbing his feet.


What do I like to do with my time?

  • Read - I prefer SciFi and Fantasy.
  • Music - Rock! (Anna and I like the same music, she DJs on our trips)
  • Computers - There's a nerd in me that likes shiny technology and games
  • Gadgets and Gear - I love researching my hobbies, which inevitably leads to purchases (For some reason this statement made Laura laugh a lot, quite honestly because of how true it is. She said I obsess over this stuff... I guess that's true because I even researched what kind of batteries and band-aids to buy)

What do I do for a living?

In order to put food in the dog bowl I work as a Program and Project Manager for a regional agricultural lending insitution.

Nick and Luna sleeping

So that's about me.... and this is my adventure...