Wordless Wednesday

Just some cool photos of the kids climbing trees. »

Your Dog's Paycheck - The Reward

I have plans for a future post to talk about the importance of the dog's reward, but I came across a really good post on Paws Abilities - Training is »

Beat the Heat. Keeping your dog cool in your vehicle.

Your car makes a great oven to cook your dog if you don't take the proper precautions and setup a sanctuary from the elements for your dog. Keeping our dogs »

Beware STARI: Tick illness - lameness and joint pain

No, STARI isn't the name of an entertainer in the adult industry, it's a tick born illness that infected a few of our dogs after getting into a bad bed »

So what does Luna do? The basics of tracking and trailing

Someone you love is missing... A family takes a hike through the woods and their 6 year old child goes missing. Your grandfather with dementia wanders off from the assisted »

About Me

Hi, I don't know you and you don't know me... but let me begin by baring my soul to the internet. OK, OK I don't know you that well yet »

Introducing... Luna

Meet Luna. She got me started on the journey of Search and Rescue. She is my best friend and partner. Together we form a K9 search team - she brings »