Family Training - The Family That Trains Together....

Don't take the title literally! I'm not actually training my family (although they are still trying to train me). The team had training Sunday evening to escape the hottest part of the day. My wife was at work so it was the 3 kids, 2 dogs, and me going to training. The total kid count turned into 4 because one of Anna's friends wanted to come to the training.

This little guy was awesome at training!!! <3 Jack
baby tracker

So a couple exciting firsts:

  • This was Jack's first official dog training!
  • Gabe was the official photographer and I think he captured some really great photos. Thanks Gabe!!!!
  • Anna got an ID tag with the team. She was pretty much super proud of that. You can spot them in the picture above.
  • We found out babies make really good hiders. Jack hid in the woods after we drug him behind us to lay a nice trail for the dogs. We even made a tough problem by attaching the baby carrier to a tree. Talk about having a hider that follows directions, this guy never left his spot. JUST KIDDING! Jack has a few more years before he does any hiding for the dogs. :)
  • I also got a Garmin dog GPS collar!! It wasn't fully charged in time for practice so more to come on that. I can't wait to try it out. I'll post a review in the next few weeks. It's going to work very well with my training logs. (I need to make a post on training logs too!)

Here's some shots from a nice track Luna did. Jack was an excellent groundpounder and giving me and Luna tips. This was the first time I've tracked while wearing a baby. :) He was a good sport though, even with the heat, I think we've got a future dog trainer.

Track with Luna & Jack

Crossing asphault with another turn at the intersection going to the fire hydrant in the background.
more track

Come on.... you can bark... you can do it!!!
end of track

Alright let's celebrate with some tasty chicken!

Anna and Charlie got in a nice training session working on his human remains detection. Charlie is doing a good alert when he hits source(human remains) BUT he is doing a lot of false alerts too. His alert is a 'sit' when he sniffs source. But last night he was walking and randomly sitting and looking up at Anna as if to say "Where's my treat?"

Anna and I talked about it on the way home and we agree we should add a bark to his alert. We've still got a lot of work ahead with Charlie. We aren't convinced he understands the 'game' yet.

(sorry for the really bad photo - this one wasn't Gabe, it was me!)
Anna & Charlie

Even Gabe got involved last night. He helped Paula work with puppy Juno. Juno is 11 weeks old and working on socialization, obedience, and building her toy drive. Juno is a future HRD (Human Remains Detection) super star. I think Gabe did an excellent job with Juno.

Gabe and Juno

Refilling on treats to give Juno when she has the ball.
Gabe & Juno 2

On the way home we stopped at the gas station to get some Faygos - Moon Mist and Orange are the favorites. We had a hot but fun night!