H2O4K9 - Convenient Water Bottle for Your Furry Friend

luna at wall
Ahhhhh, crisp refreshing water, exactly what your pooch wants on a long walk or while working to stay healthy and happy. I wanted to make a short post sharing my water solution for Luna. 90% of the time we don't have easy access to water and carrying a water bowl is both impractical and messy! Luna is a tracking and trailing dog and when she is working it is important to keep her olfactory(her nose) moist so that she can stay on top of her game. When we are running a longer track this means we need to stop for water breaks to freshen her nose up and quench that doggie's thirst!

water spill

So why the big fuss about water? Carrying water on the trail is simple enough by carrying a water bottle. However that doesn't give us easy access and provide the water in a convenient method that is not wasteful and helps make our water supply last longer.

{<16>}H20 K92

I've tried carrying regular water bottles but Luna won't drink from the water bottle unless I pour it into my hand, and my hands aren't very good at holding water, so inevitably most of the water spills to the ground. I then tried Nalgene bottles, and water bladders so I would have more water to spill, and although they work, they aren't nearly as convenient as the H204K9 - K9 Unit that I use with Luna at training and on searches. No more crying over spilt water!

Link to manufacturer's site(note I purchased the bottle direct from the manufacturer and I receive no compensation for this post or the link):
H2O4K9 - K9 Unit Water Bottle

A look inside - stainless steel interior:
H20 K93

The lid unscrews and doubles as the water bowl.
H20 K91

Luna anticipating the refreshing beverage!
H20 K91

A shot of Luna happily demonstrating how to drink for the lid bowl.
H20 K91

A nice shot of my Awkard Dog and the water just pouring out after partaking in a refreshing drink. She's not the cleanest of drinkers as our kitchen floor is generally soaked from her sloshing water everywhere.
H20 K91

I also carried a collapsable rubber bowl, but once again I had to get it out of my pack and pour water in - a lot of times it would be wasted. I still keep it in my pack as a backup option.

Collapsable Rubber Bowl:

Rubber Bowl

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps give you some ideas on keeping your best friend hydrated!