Introducing... Luna

Meet Luna. She got me started on the journey of Search and Rescue. She is my best friend and partner. Together we form a K9 search team - she brings the nose and I bring the treats.

According to Laura*(my wife and TRUE PARTNER FOREVER OR SHE WILL BE JEALOUS OF THE DOG IF I DON'T CLARIFY THIS)*, Luna refers to me as "Dog Jesus" because Luna thinks I walk on water and she looks at me with big loving puppy eyes.

Luna by wall

A bit about Luna:

  • Big ears and a big heart - she's a part of the family and loves to steal your spot on the couch or sneak muffins off the counter
  • Tracking and Trailing dog - she can sniff your smelly sock and follow your trail if you happen to get lost
  • Goofy Dog, also known as the Awkward Dog by our family.

Awkward Dog

And a giant dog baby, as pictured below:

Luna Dog Baby